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Origami Solitaire 2.0

Origami Solitaire v.2.0 is a solitaire card game with a Japanese twist
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Origami Solitaire v.2.0 is a solitaire card game with a Japanese twist. The objective of the game is to arrange cards into the 4 foundations at the upper end of the screen, in ascending order and according to their symbols, beginning with the value already set. To do so, you must place the cards in the lower piles before, in descending order and alternating the colors of the cards. You will have a stock of cards on the left. The first card in that stock will occupy the first place in a foundation if you free it by moving cards to other places. You can take cards from a face down deck, in groups of three and place them in the foundations or the lower piles. You can flip that deck as many times as you want. The name, Origami Solitaire, has nothing to do with the game. It´s just a solitaire card game with Japanese backgrounds and music. The program allows you to save your games in order to load and resume them later. It also allows you to undo moves, or shuffle the cards again in order to change the order in which they appear.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s free
  • It´s fun


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